5 Best Jax Teller Hairstyles and How To Get Them - Men's Maxing (2024)

Jax Teller besides Tommy Shelby and Patrick Bateman, is one of the best male masculine characters, and in my opinion, Sons Of Anarchy is one of the best TV shows in history, but it doesn’t get the attention it deserves (the top 10 of all time if you ask me). Now let’s focus on why you came here, and that is how to get a Jax Teller hairstyle.

Jax Teller has a slick back hairstyle, but from season to season he has different hair lengths, sometimes longer and sometimes shorter. That’s why we’ll cover every Jax Teller haircut from season to season and how to get them. So it’s up to you to choose which one you like the most.

Now let’s dive in.

Jax Teller Slick Back Haircut – Season 2

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One of the most iconic haircuts of Jax Teller is in season 2 with a slick back hairstyle. This style is similar to the Leonardo DiCaprio 90s and Patrick Bateman hairstyle. Your hair length needs to be somewhere between 6 and 8 inches long, so the top and side of the hair can slick all the way to the back of the head.

What to Say to a Barber: Besides the photo you want to show him, tell a barber to go for a slick-back haircut, but only with scissors. If you don’t like the look, you can then go for a pompadour with a mid-fade on the sides.

For styling products, pomade will work the best for slicking hair back. My advice is to go for a medium hold and a light to medium shine. If you don’t know which pomade to choose, check out our Best Men’s Pomade article.

Jax Teller Hairstyle – Season 1

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In Season 1 of Sons Of Anarchy, Charlie Hunnam had a classic medium-long haircut, also known as grown out layers. For this specific haircut your hair length needs to be between 8 and 9.5 inches. This haircut is pretty easy to achieve; your only job is to let your hair grow and go to a barber from time to time (every 3 to 5 weeks) for a slight scissors cut. You can also cut yourself with scissors to save time and money.

For styling and maintenance, regular washing of the hair is key. If you don’t have any problems with oily hair you can rock this haircut without any problems. For guys like me whose hair gets oily after the end of the day, this haircut would be a nightmare to maintain, so it’s better to opt for something shorter. Besides washing your hair, conditioner and texture cream are options to consider.

Jax Teller Short Haircut

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For the Jax Teller short haircut, ask your barber for a long taper cut with scissors, not clippers, except for neatening the edges. The top should be about 2 inches long, with the sides and back around 1.5 inches.

Style it with hair wax for a matte finish. Apply the wax to damp hair, then use a hair dryer while shaping it with your fingers. You can choose any direction you like, just mimic the style from the pictures.

If you need a hair dryer, any good yet inexpensive one will do. Check out our recommended ones on a best hair dryers article if you’re looking to buy.

Other Charlie Hunnam Hairstyles

Charlie Hunnam King Arthur Hairstyle – Slick Back With Undercut

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Charlie Hunnam King Arthur Hairstyle is called a slick-back with undercut.

Ask for a medium-length slicked-back undercut with short sides from your barber. For the sides, request a mid or high fade between a number 2 and 4.

To style it, use a water-based pomade for a wet look since using just water isn’t practical for everyday wear.

Charlie Hunnam Long Bowl Hairstyle

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Back in the younger days of Charlie Hunnam, he was rocking a long bowl hairstyle. This hairstyle is fun and easy to take care of. It’s got a messy look with flipped-out sides and long bangs in the front.

It’s not just for formal occasions; this laid-back, messy cut is becoming popular again for a cool, everyday look.

You’ll need medium-length hair to get this style. Just dry your hair with a towel, then blow-dry it flat with a comb or brush.

Use some wax to give your hair texture and to shape the sides how you like.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jax Teller’s role in SAMCRO?

Jax starts as the Vice President and later becomes the President of SAMCRO. His leadership is often characterized by his struggle to balance his personal values with the outlaw life of the club.

What are some of Jax Teller’s main struggles in the series?

Jax grapples with his role in the club, his vision for its future, his relationships with his family, and the legacy of his father. He often finds himself at odds with his stepfather, Clay Morrow, and facing ethical dilemmas that challenge his morality.

How tall is Jax Teller?

Charlie Hunnam/Jax Teller is 6 ft 0 (or 1.82m) tall.

How does Jax Teller’s character develop throughout the series?

Throughout the series, Jax’s character evolves from a young vice president with idealistic visions for the club to a more hardened president facing the realities and consequences of his choices and the outlaw lifestyle.

Jax Teller Hairstyle – Summary

Jax Teller’s hairstyle is a way for fans to capture a piece of the show’s iconic style. Whether you’re drawn to the slick back look of Season 2, the grown-out layers of Season 1, or the shorter, more manageable style seen in other seasons, there’s a Jax Teller haircut for every preference. With detailed instructions for each haircut and styling tips, including product recommendations and maintenance advice, achieving Jax Teller’s look is within reach. So, pick your favorite season, grab some pomade or wax, and get ready to bring a bit of Charming into your life.

5 Best Jax Teller Hairstyles and How To Get Them - Men's Maxing (2024)
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