Bub Means Interview: Rookie Wide Receiver Opens Up About Joining the Saints and His NFL Aspirations (2024)

Welcome to a brand-new episode of the Saints News Network podcast! Today, we’re thrilled to welcome Bub Means, a promising wide receiver, fresh from his college stint at Pitt, and now the newest addition to the New Orleans Saints.

Bob Rose and Kyle inquire into Means' draft experience, his conversations with Saints' coaches, and his readiness to make a significant impact on the field. Bub's enthusiasm for the city of New Orleans and his determination to prove his worth as a late-round pick makes this interview a must-listen for all Saints fans.

Bub also talks about his experiences at Pitt, the coaches who have shaped him, and his inspirations from NFL greats like Michael Thomas and AJ Brown. Hosts Kyle T. Mosley and Bob Rose will explore how Bub Means’ skills could transform the Saints' offensive game and discuss his unexpected but welcomed draft pick.

In addition to the exciting discussion with Bub, Bob Rose delves into the potential impacts of recent draft choices, Taliese Fuaga and Kool Aid McKinstry, and the integral role of late-round picks in Saints' history. We’ll also touch upon the strategic elements of the Saints in the upcoming season, including discussions on crucial player movements like the speculated transfer of Marshon Lattimore.

Stick with us as we unpack all these and highlight our community interactions, also Bob’s prestigious coaching honor, and more, right here on the Saints News Network.


Emotional Reaction to a Life-Changing Event: "Man, that was a, surreal moment. Like, it's it's not even a moment I can put into words that that can describe the feeling like. Man, it was like the best I could say is overjoyed, overexcited. Like, man, I was holding back tears when I got the call. Like, oh, like, I can't wait. I can't wait to come out there and contribute to the team, to the win, to the culture. Like, man, it was just a blessing. I can't even explain it, man."— Bub Means

NFL Draft Surprises: "I didn't really have a lot of contact with the Saints. So Really? It was a surprise when they gave me the call."— Bub Means

Rising Star in Football: "I just feel like, my game is vertical three. I stretch the field, so I feel like they've seen that on film and, felt like I could contribute to the saints in a great way."— Bub Means

Understanding NFL Plays from College Experience: "We coach kind of prepared me for the NFL, pretty well by just just teaching us the offense as a like, basically, an NFL coach instead of college and where you got to teach and you learn by position. I learned like, basically, we was learning about concepts. Like, everything that we was in there doing, we was learning about concepts saints all our concepts are pro concepts."— Bub Means

Football Defensive Strategies: "That was our whole defense was press quarter. So they was press man all in our face. Gotta get off the gym every day."— Bub Means

Elite Route-Running in the NFL: "Michael Thomas really runs elite routes."— Bub Means

Team Preparation Dynamics: "We ain't really, like, focus and sit down and have a meeting yet about, like, oh, we're gonna have you plan this. This is your role. This is what you need to study. This is what you know what I'm saying?"— Bub Means

Navigating Career Choices: "Like, we had a great relationship, and I wanted to be coach bound because he's been where I wanted to be at. And he understood what it takes and what I need to do to get there."— Bub Means

Mentorship in Sports: "He would just help me through the process, let me know everything that was going on. Like, hey, bro. You need to, stay on top of this, stay on top of that, be prepared for this, be on like, he he would just help me out a lot."— Bub Means

Inspiration Behind the Speed: "My cousin, my big cousin, Aaron Harris, he ran track professionally back in the day, so I was always, like that's why I like running."— Bub Means

Bub Means Interview: Rookie Wide Receiver Opens Up About Joining the Saints and His NFL Aspirations (2024)
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