Jazmin Bean: Survivor (2024)

“It's hard not being able to find stories that I relate to. But someone said, ‘Maybe you're just going to have to be that story for someone else’.”

For the most part, however, ‘Traumatic Livelihood’ is a raw document of Bean’s singular life, of overcoming their past and carving out a new future. “It's a very weird experience,” they admit. “It's hard not being able to find stories that I relate to. But someone said to me: ‘Maybe you're just going to have to be that story for someone else’. That was a really hard pill to swallow.”

There’s the mournful ballad ‘Black Dress’, which Bean says is about their time adjusting to being sober after rehab, looking back on their old friends. “That’s about how weird it is being finally on the outside and watching everything that I was just in from this whole different lens,” they say. “It feels so different. It came from the heart, but I think it came from a judgmental place on the struggling addict, feeling like I was higher up because I got out of it. But I’m just like them, except I got to go to rehab.”

There are also songs that hint at the aftermath of what Bean went through as a teenager. Recently they attempted to pursue a legal case, to no avail. “The courts absolutely failed me,” they say, resigned. “They had so much evidence, and it’s a very extreme situation of grooming that happened to me. I had pictures, everything to prove it. And they just said that your evidence is not viable in court. They just put a restraining order on it and let him back into the world. That was a really hard one to get through this year.”

As such, there are complicated emotions that they’ve been left with, which they address on the soaring, grand ‘Stockholm Butterfly’, where they outright sing: “Part of me wishes you’d die / My inner child would crack a smile”.

“It's quite a harsh thing to wish death on someone,” they admit. “But for me it was like, I just wish that you would die so that I wouldn't have the option to have you on this earth and be left with that. And also, so no one else gets to experience you, because the victims are plentiful. No one’s story is taken seriously enough by the legal system for it to matter. I had the most extreme story out of everyone and they didn't take me seriously. So why would the other victims come forward?”

Bean has hinted at the situation over the years, but struggled to find a way to address it. “I've never really understood the right way to open up about it online,” they say. “Because I don't know the right terms to use.” It was also partially about how to communicate the outcome; Bean felt a certain amount of pressure to adhere to a specific narrative. “They kind of just said, ‘If you take this to court, it's not going to work out for you – allow us to do a restraining order and move on with your life’,” they say. “And that felt very like, now I can't share my story because it's not this heroic thing. But it doesn't have to be a hero story.

“Sometimes that story can be: this serial molester, and serial groomer is still out in the world, and the system failed me,” they continue. “But in my mind, I thought I was going to have this big victory story. Yes, he's in jail! Everyone rejoice! Now I can post an Instagram picture explaining this thing that I vaguely talk about all the time, but I never quite talk about. So when my case fell through, I just felt like, this is going be my little secret forever.”

‘Traumatic Livelihood’, then, is Jazmin Bean’s way of finally putting their story out in the world. “I didn't understand what PTSD really was,” they say. “We see it in films and it's this whole flashback moment, but it's not like that, I've come to discover. I'm only just now realising that it works in many different ways. It's been weird just not knowing how to open up about it. And music was the one way in that time of trying to get through that.

“I'm hoping someone can listen to it and it will help them,” they conclude. “I know how hard it is.”

‘Traumatic Livelihood’ is out 23rd February via Island Records/ Interscope.

If you - or someone you know - has been affected by the topics discussed in this article, you can seek help and support by visiting the following websites: napac.org.uk / survivorsuk.org / victimsupport.org.uk / samaritans.org

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Jazmin Bean: Survivor (2024)


What happened to Jazmin Bean? ›

Bean is autistic. They identify as non-binary and use they/them pronouns. On June 14, 2022, Bean opened up on their struggle with ketamine addiction throughout their teen years. They shared that they attended rehab and are working their way to a personal recovery.

Is Jazmin Bean vegan? ›

They run Cult Candy Cosmetics, a cruelty-free, vegan makeup brand.

What is the Jazmin Bean genre? ›

How do I contact Jazmin Bean? ›

We're here to help! If you can't find the answer you're looking for in our FAQ, please reach out to us at jazminbean@UMGStores.com.

Is A Jazmin a male or female? ›

Jazmin is a feminine name of Persian origin that means “gift from God.” It is an Americanized version of the softer moniker Jasmine, which is derived from the old Persian word yasamin.

Where did Jazmin bean grow up? ›

Born and raised in North London, Jazmin Bean (they/them) has set a towering bar for modern pop music, not only as a singer-songwriter but as a multimedia artist.

Does Jazmin Bean have tattoos? ›

Jazmin Bean has a tattoo that covers the back of their right hand that reads; "WORLDWIDE", and a tattoo that covers the back of their left hand that reads; "TORTURE". These tattoos were done by Jazmin themself.

Is Jazmin Bean American? ›

Jazmin Bean (born February 7, 2003) is an British singer-songwriter and makeup artist. They first got popular online for their makeup and non-binary gender expression. They released their first EP (extended play) Worldwide Torture in 2019.

Is Jazmin Bean an industry plant? ›

Over the years, some have labelled Bean as an 'industry plant' due to their quick circulation as a next-wave artist.

Who is Cottontail? ›

Brian Zuniga, (also known by her professional stage drag name Cottontail ) is a drag queen, photographer, singer, and songwriter who is mostly known for her pop surreal visuals and multi-dimensional holiday-themed music.

Is Jazmin Bean related to Melanie Martinez? ›

Melanie Adele Martinez is an American singer, songwriter, photographer, actress, and director. She is a friend of Jazmin Bean and Salvia.

Who are the members of the Jazmin sisters? ›

Nadia, Felicia, Celia and Daria are the JAZMIN Sisters, real-life Chinese-American sisters from Los Angeles, California. They are daughters of a Baptist preacher and a piano teacher by way of Jackson, Mississippi and Detroit, Michigan. The music of Motown, jazz and oldies were the sounds of their childhood.

How do I contact Mr Bean? ›

  1. WhatsApp: 65 8500 5700.
  2. Email: order.eshop@mrbean.com.sg.
  3. WhatsApp: 65 8500 5700.
  4. Email: order.eshop@mrbean.com.sg.
  5. WhatsApp: 65 8500 5700.
  6. Email: corporatesales@mrbean.com.sg.

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