THE 20 BEST Chinese Food Delivery in Carthage • Order Online • Postmates (2024)

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The best Chinese Food - it’s out there, it’s probably nearby, you want it, and we have it. You want it delivered. We get it. Maybe, you want it in the morning, in the evening, or late at night when you’re in the office on a rainy day. Satisfying your craving for Chinese Food does not have to be hard. We want to help, and that is why Postmates is always ready to get you Chinese Food at any time, when you want it, right at your door.

Frequently asked questions

Which Chinese spots deliver with Postmates in Carthage?

Yes! If you’re craving Chinese, consider one of the following spots: China Taste.

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What are the most popular Chinese spots that deliver in Carthage?

Stores in your area don’t have many ratings. For Chinese delivery in Carthage, consider one of the following spots: China Taste.

Who offers free Chinese delivery in Carthage?

Delivery fees can vary depending on where you are. Enter your delivery address to see which Chinese spots offer free delivery to your location.

What are the best Chinese items that I can order for delivery in Carthage?

Some of the suggested items for Chinese delivery are: Wonton Soup, Fried Rice, and Egg Roll.

THE 20 BEST Chinese Food Delivery in Carthage • Order Online • Postmates (2024)


What is the most popular food delivery in China? ›

According to a survey conducted by Rakuten Insight in April 2023, around 93 percent of respondents in China stated that Meituan Waimai was the food delivery app they used the most. was another prominent player in China's food delivery app market.

What is the largest Chinese food delivery company? ›

Meituan and are two of the leading online food ordering platforms in China. The largest shareholder of Meituan is China's internet giant Tencent, while is operated by Alibaba Group.

Which app is best for ordering from China? ›

0% of the top shopping Apps in China were built by Chinese mobile App developers.
  • Flipkart Online Shopping App. ...
  • - B2B marketplace. ...
  • Myntra - Fashion Shopping App. ...
  • AliExpress. ...
  • Mercado Libre: Compras online. ...
  • Lazada 6.6 Super WoW. ...
  • Trendyol - Online Alışveriş ...
  • OZON: товары, одежда, билеты by Internet Solutions LLC.

What is the fastest delivery from China? ›

FedEx International Priority & International Economy

With International Priority, nicknamed IP, FedEx can ship customers' products from China to the US in 1-3 business days.

What is the cheapest delivery service to China? ›

Economy courier to China

TrakPak offers the cheapest way to send a parcel to China, with a delivery time of 8-11 working days. This service includes basic tracking and uses the local postal system in China to make the final delivery.

What is the Chinese equivalent of DoorDash? ›

Online food delivery has become extremely popular in China, with services like Meituan and Eleme making it easy to get meals delivered right to your door.

What is the best delivery to China? ›

DHL is located in more than 220 countries and territories worldwide, and are the leading choice for both UK and international deliveries. Sending a parcel to China, whether it's Beijing or Hong Kong, is simple with us.

What is the largest delivery service in China? ›

In March, SF Express, China's largest express delivery company, released their first annual report since being listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Last year, the company claimed profits of 4.2 billion yuan ($609 million), saying that their annual growth rate was almost three times that of 2015.

What apps does China use for food delivery? ›

Online food delivery has become extremely popular in China, with services like Meituan and Eleme making it easy to get meals delivered right to your door. In this article, we will provide a guide on how to use these top food delivery apps.

What is the most popular fast food chain in China? ›

KFC, with over 9,000 restaurants in 1,100 cities across China, is the most dominant fast-food chain in the country. It has captured a significant share of the Chinese fast-food market with its strategic expansion and the popularity of its products.

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