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means any contract, agreement, understanding, commitment or offer, whether oral or written, which may become a binding obligation if accepted by another Person.


shall have the meaning set forth in Section 6.1.5.


physics basically means being able to recall something you've read or been shown.

Examples of Understanding in a sentence

  • This Letter of Understanding will remain in place for the duration of the Collective Bargaining Agreement at which time it may be removed, reviewed, cancelled, or renegotiated based upon the success of the program.

  • This Memorandum of Understanding does not establish a past practice or precedent, nor shall it apply in the interpretation or application of language in the Association’s Master Agreement.

  • This Memorandum of Understanding expires on June 30, 2025, and it shall have no force or effect thereafter, unless so agreed in writing by the Association and the School District.

  • In order to implement this provision, the Contractor must provide a copy of its DHS Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to the Contract Manager within five (5) calendar days of Contract execution.

  • In the event of circ*mstances beyond the control of the City, such as acts of God, fire, flood, insurrection, civil disorder, national emergency, or similar circ*mstances, provisions of the Memorandum of Understanding, which restrict the City’s ability to respond to these emergencies, shall be suspended for the duration of such emergency.

More Definitions of Understanding


means any contract, agreement, understanding, commitment, or offer, whether written or oral, which is, or to the knowledge of the Corporation or the Partnership, as applicable, if accepted by another Person is reasonably likely to become, a binding obligation of such entity.


or "undertaking" when used in this Agreement shall mean a legally binding, written agreement, arrangement, contract, commitment, plan, purchase order, understanding or undertaking, as the case may be;


probably means nothing more than having what- ever ideas and concepts are needed to recognize that a great many different phenomena are part of a coherent whole.


means more than a person’s ability to view and understand the exchanged data, but that software can understand the data’s meaning and process it in a standardised way, such as for clinical decision support.


It is agreed by the Parties that following the signing of this Memorandum and upon request by the Union, that the Parties will meet on a mutually agreeable date for the purpose of discussing the Industry use of the "Constructive Advice R eco rd ."


All vacation qualifying years earned in continuous service with CSXT regardless of former railroad will be counted as qualifying time for vacation purposes.

Understanding Definition | Law Insider (2024)
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