Vegetable Pajeon (Korean Scallion Pancakes With Vegetables) Recipe (2024)

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My family uses cornstarch and potato starch interchangeably (we're Asian). Just in case anybody didn't want to buy potato starch for a single recipe.


To make pancakes buy Beksul's Korean Pancake Mix. I found it at H Mart. It's a combination of flour, corn starch, garlic, onion and black pepper. This eliminates Step 1. It's easy to use and is authentically Korean.


I do Korean pancakes in the waffle maker - super crispy and less oil than a frypan


Delicious, and a crowd pleaser including both my 7YO and 9YO. Great way to get lots of vegetables in. I will say, though, that as with most recipes the prep time isn’t factored in. Grating and chopping the veg alone took me 30 minutes (and that was using a Cuisinart), so all in it was more of a 60-90 min recipe for me.

Eela Thakrar

works great with besan (garbanzo bean flour) for GF option;


Fabulous! My husband couldn't stop raving about them. Garbanzo flour with potato starch made it deliciously GF. Used 4 cups of chopped kale. Rather than individual pancakes, I put the whole batter in a oiled cast iron pan over medium heat for ~ 5 minutes and then brushed~ T of oil over the top & under the broiler for 5 minutes. It slid right out of the pan & I cut it into 8 wedges. It was crisp and soft in the center & with the dipping sauce was a perfect meal. Real keeper!


This is very much like a Japanese okonomiyaki recipe I've been making for years. I combine packaged shredded cole slaw mix and scallions with flour and eggs, and fry the pancakes in sunflower oil with a drop of sesame oil mixed in. I like to drizzle sweet chili sauce on top for serving. They come out great and are a favorite at my house. I might try this variation next time though.

Ken Morrison

I followed the recipe exactly and it turned out great. I used a mix of carrots, sweet potato, turnip, onion, pepper - vegetables I had on hand. Like any pancake, it took getting through the first two to get the temperature and timing right. I will definitely make this again.


Jen: I discovered with horror that the NYT doesn't take prep into account. The timing begins when the ingredients are as described in the list. I'd really like Sam et al. to change this! But, you know, tradition. . .


Question, what would be a good substitute for kimchi?


What can I substitute for the kimchi so that I can make these now. Thanks


With both zucchini and mushrooms, you might want to parcook them -- saute them in a little oil until they give up their liquid. Alternatively, with the zucchini, you can shred it, toss it with some salt, and let it drain for maybe half an hour, then rinse. That will get rid of a lot of the excess liquid as well.


Thanks to Melissa for suggesting using a waffle iron. Easy and no messy frying. I don’t need to bother trying to fry these. My waffle iron will get regular use now. Very good. Not greasy with the waffle iron.


Be sure to use potato starch, not potato flour. Pure starch is needed to get the right result.

Hnl mom

Thanks to those who suggested waffle iron, brilliant! I did not have potato starch or mochiko flour so I used a little over 1/4 cup cornstarch and the rest regular flour. Scallions, kale, onions, cabbage were the veg I used but was a little alarmed at how much veg there was in comparison to the batter so I held back about 1/4 of each veg. I should have put it all in. The batter expands in the waffle iron. I cooked until golden brown then put in a 200° oven to crisp and stay warm. Do ahead tip!

live your life

I used half zucchini (shredded myself) and half pre-shredded carrot. Went light on kimchi for kids. I was skeptical of zucchini holding up here bc I feared it would be watery but charged ahead. Result proved I was right as the jeon was mushy. Flavors are great but for all the fuss w the batter the texture is disappointing. You’ll need to salt and squeeze out watery veggies first before mixing in. Also as a Korean I’d call this yachae (veggie) jeon rather than pajeon - not enough pa for pajeon.


This is not quick and it is not easy, unless you have practiced it a bunch of times. Beware the non-expert weeknight cook craving delicious fried patties in half an hour! You won't get your wish.


How does one get the scallions to curl that way? I didn't see it in the notes anywhere


Put the cut up scallions in ice water for a few minutes and they will curl right up.


Used tapioca starch instead of corn starch or potato starch and added a second egg. Used GF APF but next time going to try the garbanzo bean flour instead and thank you for the commenter who shared the Japanese chef’s secret of poking the pancake with a chopstick to ensure the middle is not undercooked. Agree that the time was underestimated; also, I used some wet ingredients but with pressing the pancake & now the chopstick trick, I wouldn’t need to precook wet vegetables.

sarah m

This was delicious. Made w red bell pepper, carrots, and sweet potatoes. Next time want to use grated brussels sprouts for some green. Def make again!


I found these to be soggy and not crisp at all even though I cooked them until they had brown spots and were deeply golden. There’s a recipe on instagram that works much better for me. Not sure what is wrong with this one.

Barbara Price

I could live on these - so many variations for topping them or stirring in. Our go to sauce is spicy kimchi Mayo. I process a 1/4 c kimchi and a big dollop of Mayo in a mini processor.

Gail G.

You can make them without kimchi and they’re delicious too.

Elizabeth, now of Coastal Maine

Our new go-to. I could eat them for every meal. I use almond flour and add sesame oil, oyster sauce, ginger and some dashi broth. I bake them so they are crispy minus the oil needed to fry. We also experiment with Asian toppings & dipping sauces. Peppers, cabbage, onion and carrots are an easy start.


Has anyone successfully made these vegan-ommitting the egg?


No need to cook any veg. Makes four pancakes.


Made these as written except using a GF flour and coconut aminos. We used red & yellow pepper, carrots, and broccoli. It was stellar. The pancakes are tasty all on their own. The green onions and dipping sauce take them over the top. We’ll be doing these again. Hoping I can pre-cook and keep them warm in the oven, without them getting mushy, to serve to guests.


Yummy also, and easy. We paired it with the Korean meatballs and a squash purée for a nice well rounded dinner.


Loaded them with kale, carrots, celery, green onion, kimchi. Kiddo loved them.


I made these with my 3 year old (I prepped the veggies and did the frying on my own, he did everything else). He loved helping and he LOVED eating these. He ate 2 palm-sized pancakes with dinner and called them rainbow latkes. I used carrots, beets, and zucchini for my veggies. They were delicious! My husband and I loved them too, would make again for sure.

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Vegetable Pajeon (Korean Scallion Pancakes With Vegetables) Recipe (2024)
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